Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buy More Chuck

After a great four episode run, last night's fantastic penultimate ep and a set up for what could be one of the best hours of television this year, everyone should be excited for next week's Chuck season finale.

Last night episode had everything you could ask for. There was loads of action, there were plenty of laughs at the Buy More and there were many great Chuck/Sarah moments throughout. Not to mention (SPOILER ALERT) Chuck telling Captain Awesome that he's a CIA spy. There were the continuation of great guest spots, with my birthday buddy Scott Bakula as Chuck's dad and Chevy Chase as an unbelievable villain.

Allison Waldman wrote a great review over at TV Squad.

As Chuck has quickly moved itself into a top five spot on my tv favorites, it is in danger of not coming back for a third season. Many people are doing their part to keep Chuck alive, but if anything will help it will be ratings for the finale. So if you aren't doing anything Monday night, throw the tube on NBC at 8:00 PM for the Kid here. I don't ask that you watch, just put the tv on. If you have digital cable, you can even leave the tv off, just put the box to NBC.


Solomons Lines said...

I don't think I mind if Chuck ends next week. It really seems as if they're setting up a good series ending finale. Can't ask for more than a solid ending from a show. As in fantasy football, better to end a show a year too early than a year too late.

Danny said...

i have heard that they've prepared for the finale in case it is the end. i'm sure i'll be happy either way, but i'd prefer more of it.

Jonathan said...

loose i don't think it matters unless you have a nielsen box.