Friday, April 24, 2009

Survivor Tocantins- Week 9


I get it that Coach and Tyson are such good buddies that they don't want to get rid of each other, but why are they so intent on booting Sierra? Do they have no idea how to play Survivor? 'She's the only outcast of the group so let's get rid of her,' that's their thought process? Wow guys, at least try to bounce JT, the guy who is good at challenges and everyone likes. He will get more votes than you if you take him to the end.

On a positive note for this year's crew, they finally made a great move. Although Stephen came up with the plan, JT gets the 20 point bonus for the back-stab. He had a clear-cut pact with Coach and turned on him to oust Tyson out of the game. It was obvious that JT still had a stronger bond with Stephen and Taj from back when they were in Jalapao, so when Stevie brought up the idea to get rid of Tyson now (which is the obvious move and has been for a couple weeks) JT jumped on board and they got rid of the most entertaining dude on the show.

Week 9 Results

Slaughterhouse 1st (635)

Tyson: -16
Stephen: 37
Taj: 37
Sierra: 37
Total= 95

Freecell Makes Me Wanna 2nd (353)

Debbie: 61
Total= 61

Rangers Stars Mavericks Cowboys
3rd (347)

JT: 61
Coach: 37
Total= 98

The Renegades 4th (214)

Erinn: 41
Total= 41

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