Friday, April 17, 2009

Survivor Tocantins- Week 8


Wow Coach. Wow. Let's start by talking about Coach's campfire story about how he was military airlifted in to the amazon river (he pulled some strings). While kayaking down the Amazon he felt like somebody was watching him. Sure enough it was indigenous tribesmen all around him and they started to fire at him with bow and arrows. Finally they captured him, tied him up and started beating him to death. For some reason they turned away long enough for Coach to break through the rope and escape back into his kayak and paddle down the river. He paddled so hard his hands started to bleed. We later find out at tribal council that this was only one of eight or more times that he's been three seconds away from death. How do you get to a point in your life that either you actually believe people are going to believe these stories, or you yourself actually believe the stories you have invented in your mind? Well Coach is there, and as much as I hate him, it makes me happy to yell at the tv screen.

Here's why I enjoy Big Brother more than Survivor. There is never enough time for the castaways to make any great plays. In Big Brother they have a week between eliminations, which give everyone plenty of time to plan, sneak around and backstab. With the Survivor eliminations coming every couple days it's like they get one thing in their mind and don't have any time to change their mind.

The fantasy aspect is all but over as Jaydon continues to dominate.

Week 8 Results

Slaughterhouse 1st (540)

Tyson: 49
Stephen: 29
Taj: 29
Sierra: 17
Total= 124

Freecell Makes Me Wanna 2nd (292)

Brendan: -14
Debbie: 33
Total= 19

Rangers Stars Mavericks Cowboys
3rd (249)

JT: 33
Coach: 21
Total= 54

The Renegades 4th (173)

Erinn: 29
Total= 29


Jaydon said...

the blind side actually shocked me. coach is easily my favorite player to watch because he is such a terrible human. i think tyson tries too hard and loves his own jokes too much. this season is way better than last season where scrubs took out top guns on the regular. oh and of course BB is the best out. cant wait for fantasy BB.

Danny said...

what blind side?

Jaydon said...

brendan. i fell for coach leaving.