Sunday, April 5, 2009

SNL Uses The Fake Voice

  • The Bonz shouting out, "T-time...use the fake voice!"
  • JJ making fun of the way I talk to adults
  • Hilton immitating the way Darren talked to his girlfriend..."I can't baby, I'm at practice."
All three are great example of how using a fake voice, whether it be on the phone or not, has been giving people (and by people I mean me) comedic value for years now.

Loved seeing someone address the issue and make it into a skit. Now granted they get away from the actual point. The point is that you change the way you talk depending on who it is, not that you talk exactly like the other person. Example: if Rogen's friend talks like Yoda, might he want to hear the comfort of an Obi-Won voice? Either way some of the other voices were great.

Check it out...

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