Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Disco Idol

Get her off the stage, she's wrecking the show

Lil Rounds- (Chaka Kahn/I'm Every Woman) I don't even have anything to say anymore. If she makes it to the top five it will be embarrassing for everyone involved.

Some ups, some downs...some ups

Matt Giraud- (Bee Gees/Stayin' Alive) I think with this song all of Matt's runs and riffs got a little out of control and hurt his performance. Also his falsetto at the beginning was so weak it might have thrown the whole thing off.

Allison Iraheta- (Donna Summer/Hot Stuff) She finally made serious changes to a song, and it kinda worked for me. Slowing down this song actually made me enjoy it. Except for the part near the end when the backup singers were doing most of the joint, I thought it was good.

Danny Gokey- (Earth, Wind and Fire/September) For the second week in a row Gokes has taken one from the Rickey Smith catalog. Unlike last week's, I enjoyed this one much more than when Rickey did it. There was nothing special about this, but solid overall.

Anoop Desai- (Donna Summer/Dim All the Lights) I don't know the song so I'm going to say that Kutner either chose the perfect song or made some great changes to it. The song worked so well that I have him as my number three this week even though he had a couple vocal hiccups. He again took an old song and made it feel contemporary.

Making a serious push for the finals

Kris Allen- (Donna Summer/She Works Hard For the Money) Wow, the kid is making great moves. With only the bongos and bass behind him, his guitar playing could shine through and it added a lot to his performance. The arrangement changes to the song were fantastic. Kris is giving it his best effort to put his own twist on everything he does. And we all know you can go far in this game doing it that way.

Holding everyone off at more than an arm's length

Adam Lambert- (Yvonne Elliman/If I Can't Have You) I knew it. He is seriously going every other week from upbeat joint to slow-it-down ballad. In a week of disco that I thought maybe he'd have to stray from that, he completely reworked this song. I loved that he made a point before he went on stage to say that he was gonna connect with the song. The judges and audience both love that, and Ms. Lambert can act like he is connecting even if he isn't because as we know he has been on Broadway. Oh and as always his vocals were the best of the night.

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