Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Idol From iTunes

So this week for Idol it was choose any song as long as it is highly downloaded on iTunes.

I'd like to let all three of you know that Paula is currently my second favorite judge as Randy has again fallen off the deep end this season.

Quote of the night, "Why don't they just have Adam, Kris and Gokey take turns singing throughout the night?"--Pops.

Just Bad

Megan Joy Corkrey- (Turn Your Lights Down Low/Bob Marley) I've finally turned the corner on Miss Tattoo. In the early stages I found her voice different and enjoyable, if not a little off. Now it is really annoying and seems off tune because of it. Bobby M was rolling over in his grave listening to this.

Lil Rounds- (I Surrender/Celine Dion) What a snooze alert. She belts it out but I find myself completely bored every time she takes the stage. Figure it out Little.

Anoop Desai- (Caught Up/Usher) Although NoopDog Millionaire's vocals were fine and dandy, the performance was similar to the garbage he did early in the competition. Don't ever listen to Randy's suggestions. Dr. Kutner barely hung around when he did upbeat joints and killed it with slow, powerful, classic songs. Big mistake.

Just Deese

Scott MacIntyre- (Just the Way You Are/Billy Joel) Not as good as Billy J and nowhere near as sweet as John Stevens' season three performance, but definitely Scotty Don't's best performance thus far. His voice still sounded weird and flat at the beginning but he kinda worked through it by the end and might have saved himself another week.

Allison Iraheta- (Don't Speak/No Doubt) Great song...Way worse than the original. Her voice seems too raw and unpolished to take on this song. The thing is, I love the song so I was still drawn to it and liked it more than many others tonight.

Matt Giraud- (You Found Me/The Fray) He definitely has the second best vocal skills and I loved the little riff into the falsetto near the end, but this was not one of his best performances. I think it is song choice and if I were Kara I'd say "Why not do 'How to Save a Life' because I know everything." But last week he killed it and was in the bottom three so who knows?

Just Good

Danny Gokey- (What Hurts the Most/Rascal Flatts) Definitely a step up from last week. It was nice to see Gokes slow it down and show us his voice and his soul. It was a very good, if safe, performance.

Just Great

Kris Allen- (Ain't No Sunshine/Bill Withers) It looks like someone is finally stepping into the ring and making creative and fantastic changes to the arrangement and presentation to songs, like Adam has been doing since day one. Kris has done solo, he's done guitar and tonight he did piano. He's clearly a great musician, he's a very good singer, and now seems to be turning into a fantastic performer.

Adam Lambert- (Play That Funky Music/Wild Cherry) I will preface my comments about Ms. Lambert's performance with the fact that I can't stand this song and have never liked it. That being said, I loved this performance by Adam. If you can get someone to really enjoy listening to a song they can't stand, you are something else. The dude's combination of vocal skills, performance, creative choices and his chameleon-like ability to morph himself to fit the genre he's singing may make him the best Idol contestant yet.

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