Thursday, April 13, 2006

Best of The Perspective

For your viewing pleasure I've categorized some of my favorite posts into categories.

Action TV
Sarah Connor Chronicled?
Buy More Chuck
Bye Bye Buchanan
Still LOST
Jack Is Back
Best Two Hours on Television

Drama TV
Friday Night Loss
One Tree Hill
Tuesday Thoughts
OC Season 3 and Power Rankings

Comedy TV
Tracy Back On SNL
South Park
Comedy Night Done Right
Joe-Schmo Show
Eastbound & Down Is F'ing In

Reality TV
Idol at the Movies
Years of Idol
Idols From iTunes
Motown Idol
Grand Ole Idol
Idol Does MJ
Judging Idol
American Idol (2008)
Survivor Tocantins- Week 7
Survivor Tocantins- Week 1
Survivor Gabon Championship
Survivor Gabon Rules and Teams
America's Got Talent
Dan Soups Up Big Brother

Theme Parks
2009 Attraction Tourney: Final Four
What's New At Disney
2008 Attraction Tourney: Final Four

Movie Reviews
That's Some Big Shark Harry
The Correct Answer Is Cool Hand Luke
Blade Walker
Bill Gets His
Not Killing Bill Yet
Reservoir Dogs
Pineapple Express
Dark Knight
Walk Hard
Star Wars, Chronilogically
I'm Not There
Darjeeling Limited

Raftery With The Smooch
Super Bowling
Fantasy Football Hall of Fame- Rice
Fantasy Football Hall of Fame- Staubach
NFL Overtime
Fantasy Liberty League
Peyton Is MVP
Roy Williams
End of an Era

Character Lists
Female Movie Characters: 10-1
Combining Lists
Movie Characters: 10-1
Top TV Characters 2008
Lost Character Voting
Top 50 TV Characters 2007

Movie Lists
Best Christmas Movies- 1 and 2
Adam Sandler Top 10
Jim Carrey Top 10
Owen Wilson Top 10
Will Ferrell Top 10
Funniest Movies

Wednesday Wonders
Top 10 October 9ths
Jump The Shark
08-09 TV Preseason Rankings
2008 Top 500 (10-1)
Vegas Strip
20 Years of Movies