Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Night Loss

Tonight aired one of my favorite Friday Night Lights episodes in recent memory. Take that for what it's worth, my memory is not so good. I felt so complete when it ended that I wished it was the season finale.

Lyla reunited with Buddy on account of the fact that the Riggins household is a dump. Tyra wrote a very moving college essay that was narrated over scenes of all the characters as they got ready for the State Championship game. Landry got his chance to play on special teams and ended up getting a nice smooch from Tyra (below left) after she realized how amazingly nice he has been to her. Julie and Saracen's grandma shared a nice moment after figuring out that it was best to let Matty (right) go to art school in Chicago. Matty got to play QB again after JD (or Sam Bonsey) was benched for acting like a jerk to everyone on the team. The thing is, maybe they should've called some running plays if the pass rush was so dominating. Saracen ended up leading the Panters all the way back to lead by one. Riggins was real emotional throughout about his Era coming to an End, and capped it off by leaving his boots on the field to end the ep. Coach T, as always, made a fantastic, heart-felt speach after the game, commending the players for what they did on the field.

What they did was lose. On a last second, game-winning field goal by the heavily favored South Texas Titans, the Dillon Panthers failed to win the Texas State Football Championship. Now they won the championship in the first season and I was worried that they were going to be dumb and have them keep winning and winning. This is the second season in a row where they have not won State. Nice work.

For a while I didn't know if I thought FNL was still a top flight show, but after tonight I'm convinced it's still up there. Thankfully there are at least two more seasons in store. I just hope that they don't keep all the same characters around...maybe Riggins can stay for his fourth senior year.

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