Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Years of Idol

Tonight was songs from the year you were born, all '80s with one from '92.

Didn't Enjoy

Scott MacIntyre- (Survivor/The Search Is Over) The dude that looks like Matthew Berry awkwardly posing for this picture just sound so bad to me all the time. Scotty Don't was doing absolutely nothing with the guitar up there and looked even more uncomfortable than usual up there. Please stop voting for him.

Lil Rounds- (Tina Turner/What's Love Got To Do With It) Well Lil's mom let us know that the name is just Lil and it's not short for Lillian or Little. That was much more interesting than the performance, which was again a big time snooze alert.

Kris Allen- (Don Henley/All She Wants To Do Is Dance) What with the new fad of performing within the crowd this season? It's pretty dumb. It also doesn't help that both times it's been done the performer took a step backward. This was boring for me and the changes he made from the original worsened it.

Somewhat Enjoyed

Danny Gokey- (Mickey Gilley/Stand By Me) It was nice to see Danny calm things down in the beginning of the song, but it's when he pumps it up in the second half that I really enjoyed it. He called it the Mickey Gilley version of 1980, but it was nothing like that. It was also nothing like the Quiet Pool #430 Ben E. King version, but he did pretty good overall.

Allison Iraheta- (Bonnie Rait/I Can't Make You Love Me) This is the Allison we've been missing for the past couple of weeks. I might have even liked this performance better than the original. She showed very good vocals and made the song her own without changing the arrangement.

Anoop Desai- (Cindy Lauper/True Colors) Wait I thought Dr. Kutner died the other is he singing now? Noop Dog Millionaire came back to where he should be with a slower joint and showed great control throughout. I liked starting with just the guitar in the background and then picking it up. He doesn't do too much with the song but I really liked him again.

Really Enjoyed

Matt Giraud- (Stevie Wonder/Part Time Lover) This dude's voice talent is amazing. The range he has, and the way he can move around it so cleanly is unbelievable. Because he can do so many different things, he made some vocal changes to this classic Stevie song and I still loved it. If anyone else tries this song, they bomb.

Adam Lambert- (Tears For Fears/Mad World) I can't remember the last time (if ever) that Simon has given a standing ovation, but he did tonight. Ms. Lambert brings it every night and he killed it again. Great part in his opening video when he says, "I just loved playing dress up, not soccer." The difference between this and Anoop's is that when Adam starts it out soft, it still is really good and I hang on every note.

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