Monday, April 6, 2009

2009 Attraction Tourney: Six Flags Region

And now for the most controversial of my final four attractions...The Curse of DarKastle. The brother of Universal's Spider-Man ride, DarKastle has been a favorite of mine and JJ's since we first went on it two years ago. Many other people think we overrate the attraction, but it is a carbon copy of the highly toughted Spider-Man. I think the queue and theming of DarKastle are better than Spidey. The Sweet 16 in this region was incredible, with DarKastle, Splash Mt., Soarin' and Griffon. All four are unique, three of the four have great theming, and the one that doesn't, Griffon, is one of the best coasters I've been on. When it came down to it the overall experience of DarKastle barely edged out Splash Mountain to reach the Final Four.

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