Monday, March 2, 2009

Ty B-O-M-B

I'll preface this with the fact that this is not an actual list, but definitely a funny one. Anyone who knows Ty well, knows that he loves Brendan Fraser. When we would play B-O-M-B in college, Ty would use Brendan Fraser any chance he could get. For those of you unfamiliar to the game of B-O-M-B, it was brought to VC through the Juice Box (someone correct me if I am wrong). It is a game played with two-100 players, but best to start with 7-10 players. The player to start names a movie, the next player names an actor from that movie, and the next names a different movie that actor is in. For example, Lar would always start with Ocean's Eleven, I would say Scott Caan, Mags would say Varsity Blues, Skip would then say Jon Voight. Then it would get to Stumpy, who would have no idea and he could then take a guess or challenge Skip to name another Jon Voight movie. If Skip names one, Stumpy gets a letter, if he doesn't Skip gets the letter. Once you get B-O-M-B you're out and play continues with the next player. Obviously no repeat movies or actors are allowed in one round of play. A round being the time it takes for someone to get a letter.

The interesting thing about Ty playing this game would be that if he didn't know an actor from a movie, he would always say Brenden Fraser. I'd say Bottle Rocket, Ty would have no idea and he'd say Brendan Fraser. When Ty would start a game or a round it was most certainly the Mummy or The Mummy Returns. To this day I still don't know if he was faking a little with his lack of knowledge for the comedic value of guessing Brendan Fraser or School Ties every time a difficult one came around.

Ty's Top Ten

10. David Greene- Brendan Fraser– School Ties

9. George of the Jungle- Brendan Fraser- George of the Jungle

8. Dudley Do Right- Brendan Fraser- Dudley Do Right

7. No Such Character- Brendan Fraser- The Godfather

6. Link- Brendan Fraser- Link

5. Trevor Anderson- Brendan Fraser- Journey to the Center of the Earth (hasn't seen it yet)

4. Elliot Richards- Brendan Fraser- Bedazzled

3. Rick O'Connell- Brendan Fraser- Mummy In the Orient (not actual title)

2. Rick O'Connell- Brendan Fraser- Mummy Returns

1. Rick O'Connell (left)- Brendan Fraser- The Mummy

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Tyson said...

Great...I repeat...Great list!

FYI I clearly know more about movies then you, Larry, and Juice combined but I was just trying to fit in and be funny by pretending I only knew B. Fraze movies

Watch this Oceans 11...Brad Pitt...Meet Joe Black...Anthony Hopkins

See I could go all day