Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grand Ole Idol

First things first, Simon's word of the season is indulgent. The problem is he doesn't use it correctly. Three or four times this year he has called someone's performance indulgent and this makes no sense. Their performance was giving gratification? To who? the audience? They should thank him for such a nice compliment. I guess they don't understand English over there in England, because what he means to say is that the performance was self-indulgent, as in it is gratifying to the person singing. And that it is all about them. Now continue making a fool of yourself Simon.

On to Grand Ole Opry week of Idol...

God Awful

Michael Sarver- (Aint Goin' Down til the Sun Comes Up) I never thought someone would equal Josh Gracin's terrible performance during country week of season two, but the big guy pulled it off. He chose the same God awful song as Gracin and did just as terrible. At least he didn't lose his breath half way through because he ran up and down the stands.

Scott MacIntyre- (Wild Angels) This blind guy's voice just sounds weird. It's not pleasant. His falsetto is really bad, but he picked a likable song so he has that going for him.


Lil Rounds- (Independence Day) I've never been so bored during a performance by someone with such a powerful voice. Question. Is Lil short for Lilian, or is it short for Little like she's a hip hop artist? Simon and I both thought it was L'il but some are claiming it's an actual name like Lilian...interesting.

Alexis Grace- (Jolene) Somebody did this last year during Dolly Parton week. Although she outperformed whoever that was, it was still very bland for me. This song just isn't good.

Megan Joy Corkrey- (Walkin' After Midnight) What happened to how she was singing it during the video? She sounded awesome in that warm-up. During her performance it was much more nasally, due to her sickness I'm assuming. In general I like her sound, but nothing especially.

Kris Allen- (To Make You Feel My Love) Enjoyed this smooth ballad, but didn't bring anything great to the table. I preferred him last week.


Adam Lambert- (Ring of Fire) In the past he's gone crazy and it worked, this week the nutbar went out of control and it didn't work. Maybe he's getting a little too big for himself now. As awful as this was I still kind of enjoyed it. If anything for the entertainment value of him being a psycho.

Good, Not Great

Anoop Desai- (Always On My Mind) This is the Dr. Kutner I thought we were getting during Hollywood Week. Instead of imitating a song that he likes, he took a different song and made it sound like him. Slumdog really saved himself this week and might be back in the mix.

Allison Iraheta- (Blame It On Your Heart) Solid performance. She seems to take any song and turn it into something different solely because of her rocker chick voice.

The Best

Matt Giraud- (So Small) This seemed spectacular because of the rest of the performances tonight. He, unlike Scott, gets something extra from his piano playing. When they zoom in on the keys you can see how ridiculous he is. His singing was real solid and again he killed it with the falsetto.

Danny Gokey- (Jesus Take the Wheel) Both dudes that killed it picked Carrie Underwood songs...hmmm. Again this felt unbelievable because of the other jokers couldn't pull off country. He just comes to play each week, without the freakishness you will get from Lambert.

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