Saturday, March 7, 2009

Judging Idol


Before I get to all of my complaining about this show, let me preface it with the fact that I enjoy shows that I get angry with. A prime example was how much I hated Mary from Las Vegas. Vegas was definitely one of my favorite character driven shows and hating everything that Mary did made it fun to scream and yell when she did something else that I couldn't stand. That's the way I've been feeling yet again with Idol this season.

Kara DioGuardi is one of the worst additions to a television program in history. I never thought that I wouldn't be able to stand someone more than Paula, but Kara makes Paula refreshing. Kara is the absolute WORST. She blabs and blabs like she thinks she knows what she's talking about. At least Paula knows she's an idiot. Kara is kind of closer to Randy in that sense, she takes the worst parts of Randy and Paula and has created one uber-terrible judge.

I definitely enjoyed the less airtime for auditions this year. I am not one of those people that enjoy watching millions of terrible auditions. It gets old real fast. I feel the change in format for the semi-finals is a good change of pace, it kind of dragged the past couple of years. As a bonus we don't end up with an equal number of guys and girls. Because if you know anything about me, you know that I think guys are better at most things, including Idol.

Quick Summaries

Group 1: Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey (right) and Michael Sarver made it through. Wow early terribleness from America. Sarver, really? Gokey was the best in the group but I agreed with Simon that it was nothing special. Alexis was barely the best girl, none of them were very good in this group.

Group 2: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta got through from this group. I enjoyed all three of these. Lambert showed a lot of talent in his first performance, but was kinda of crazy at times.

Group 3: Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre and Jorge Nunez won this round. Very good group in which I disagreed wholeheartedly with the choices by America. God did the judges praise Lil Rounds (being in the last spot, the producers obviously want her to win). I wasn't impressed. She showed talent but there was nothing special. Blind Scott was not good and Jorge was good but uncomfortable to watch afterward with all his Spanish thinking. I guess in the end I would've gone with Rounds, Ju'not Joyner and Von Smith (but Von greatly disappointed in the wild-card so good job America).

Wildcard Round

Jessica Langseth: wow was this performance bad.

Megan Joy Corkrey (right): also bad but not quite on Jessica's level. Talked through the entire song. Obviously the judges praised her because they need to increase their number of females in the finals.

Matt Giraud: I liked this performance of Who's Loving You. The judges have said it a million times but this was a much better song choice for him and he definitely did enough to make the finals.

Von Smith: Like I said before, he blew it. On Tuesday he was great, switching back and forth from his falsetto do his normal voice but tonight he almost tried to do the whole thing in a high pitch and it didn't work for me or anyone.

Jasmine Murray: She comes out with a powerful Christina Agulaira song and did very well. Randy and Kara are completely idiotic again. Randy says song was too big for her. No, her thing is big songs, she has a big voice just not great control. That's why the Sara Bareilles song last time didn't work. Kara goes "I didn't know you had this big voice." How dumb are you Kara? You all criticized her in week 1 for picking a song that didn't show off her big voice. That's all you knew about her. Wow.

Ricky Braddy: A decent job, but he's just too forgettable.

Tatiana Del Toro: She sings the exact same song she did in group 1. Are you joking? Repeating songs is one thing but in back to back weeks during your first two times in front of America? Soo dumb and the judges criticized her for it. It was a decent performance though.

Anoop Desai: This guy is just being so dumb. He has a big fan base, a big voice and a big personality and he is killing himself with these song choices. He has done two songs in the first two performances that feature a chorus sung completely by backup singers. He adlibs throughout the performance and doesn't get a chance to actually sing. It kills me because he could be real good, I feel.

So they end up taking four from the wildcard instead of three. Matt Giraud, Jasmine Murray, Megan Joy Corkrey and Anoop Desai. I agree with everything except there was no need for Corkrey.

Finals predictions

13. Michael Sarver
12. Megan Joy Corkrey
11. Kris Allen
10. Jasmine Murray
9. Matt Giraud
8. Jorge Nunez
7. Alexis Grace
6. Anooop Desai
5. Scott MacIntyre
4. Allison Iraheta
3. Lil Rounds
2. Danny Gokey
1. Adam Lambert (right)

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