Friday, March 13, 2009

Not Killing Bill Yet

Just finished Kill Bill Volume 1 and have some thoughts on it...

Is this serious?
What an absolutely ridiculous movie. I thought I was fine with joints that were unrealistic, so the fact that I found myself being turned off by a lot of the fight scenes was interesting to me. Maybe it was because it was a chick doing all the killing. If it were a dude that was killing everyone in the world, I probably would've accepted it. Seriously though, I was fine with everything until she got to the Japanese club and over 500 dudes come in to kill Uma at once, and she gets through it with ease. Not only did she kill everyone but the camera caught her cutting off at least over 100 limbs or heads in this scene alone.

I disliked the ten minutes of animation during the Japanese story telling. If I wanted to watch a half live action half animated film, I'd break out Enchanted.

Favorite Joints
At the beginning when Uma and Vivica are fightin' it out and then the daughter walks in. They chill, and are all like 'ho hum, just another day. i'm all bloody but you've seen that before little girl. the dog just made a mess of the living room.'

One Jap dude questions Lucy Liu being the leader of the Tokyo mob because she's a half Chinese-half Japanese-American. Lucy walks across the table and cuts the guy's head off. Grabs it and tells the rest of the council that any subject can be talked about except for what got this jerk's head sliced off.

On the Edge
Even though all in all it wasn't one of my favorite movies, I give Tarrentino credit for getting me on the edge of my seat throughout. Not as much for what was going to happen with the storyline, which is the type of edge sitting I enjoy more, but I was so worried about what gory action was going to occur next. At some points I literally had my hand over my eyes, worried about what I was going to see happen.

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