Monday, March 9, 2009

Survivor Tocantins- Week 4


So far this season is much less exciting as Randy, Sugar and Kenny of Gabon. Coach is the worst guy ever. Tyson is really the major bright spot. He again talked about his love for seeing people cry and throw tantrums if they get voted out. He thought voting Erinn out would be a good idea for the sole reason that she would get very upset about it.

The secretive four-way alliance looks like a really good idea. It seems similar to Ryan and Josh's alliance in Big Brother 9 that did wonders because nobody thought they liked each other. Brendan and Sierra aren't doing a good enough job of pretending that nothing is going on and from the previews for next week, it seems like something might leak out in a day or two. Oh well.

Week 3 Results

Freecell Makes Me Wanna T-1st (132)

Brendan: 15
Spencer: 11
Sydney: 7
Debbie: 15
Total= 48

Slaughterhouse T-1st (132)

Tyson: 15
Stephen: 11
Taj: 11
Sierra: 15
Total= 52

Rangers Stars Mavericks Cowboys 3rd (57)

JT: 11
Sandy: -16
Coach: 15
Total= 10

The Renegades 4th (28)

Joe: 7
Erinn: 15
Total= 22


Anonymous said...

its crazy that i have 3 out of 4 of that alliance. its also crazy how this was so late i thought there was an ep i missed on sunday.


Danny said...

yeah i was working all weekend. had some catching up to do.

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