Monday, March 30, 2009

2009 Attraction Tourney: Disney World Region

So today begins the 2nd Annual Quiet Pool Theme Park Attraction Tournament. Last year I was inspired by who created a 64 attraction tournament to figure out the best ride in America. TPI had readers vote on the individual match-ups to decide the winner of each round and since I have no readers, I just decide which ride is better on my own.

After this year's disgrace of a result so far over at TPI, it seems that mine is the most reliable source for a subjective theme park attraction tournament on the internet. The people at Cedar Point have linked to the TPI website, so that their rides will win and it has worked like a charm. Last year's winner, Tower of Terror, was upset by the 33rd seeded Maverick of the aforementioned Cedar Point. There were 3,000 votes on Maverick's day of voting, compared to 500-600 on every other day.

To make the seedings I again used the ratings from TPI's readers.

Disney World Region

Last year's champ, Tower of Terror glided through the region with its toughest match-up in round two against Buzz Lightyear. Nice little run by Great Adventure's Superman coaster, making it to the Regional Final. Pirates and Haunted Mansion are rated highly and have great theming, but don't have the juice to get by good coasters.


Andy McKenzie said...

That's not true you still have some readers! Granted, I would not have any idea of how to vote on a ride I have never been on before. :)

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