Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tracy Back on SNL

If I knew that all it took to get politics off of the cold open on SNL was to get Tracy Morgan as the host, I would've been petitioning for this for years now. Instead of President O'Bama, Hillary Clinton, or some other current politician, we got to see Tracy walking through 30 Rock and punching people in the face. Now that is comedy.

It was so great having Tracy, a seasoned SNL vet, as the host last night. When Tracy plays Tracy Jordan on '30 Rock' he is one of my favorite characters on television. Last night he brought that same fire to SNL, and although there were no out of this world sketches, there were no bad ones either. He brought back an old favorite, Brian Fellow's Safari Planet, and the uppity cow was fantastic.

Tracy didn't bring anything extra to this sketch, but as one of my favorite running skits, the Scared Straight program was again fantastic. Nobody can outdo Kenan in this role, probably my favorite of this SNL season.

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