Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Motown Idol

Get Them Outta Here

Scott MacIntyre- (You Can't Hurry Love) Why didn't he sing Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles? Scotty went with the Supremes and sounded just as nasaly as ever. Vanessa Olivarez was eliminated on this song so let's hope Blindy is too.

Michael Sarver- (Ain't Too Proud To Beg) It was weird seeing someone sing this song and not start it by stealing the microphone from somebody. God this was karaoke. Where's Leon when you need him? Next.

Wow, who cares?

Lil Rounds- (Heat Wave) This week it was upbeat AND a powerful vocal and it still bored me to death. Is it the song choices or just her (lack of) personality?

Megan Joy Corkrey- (For Once In My Life) Her dress matched her colorful tattoo! Okay so I can see that her voice really doesn't work for some people, but for some strange reason I enjoy it. That being said, this was less than stellar.

Decent, but worse than usual

Allison Iraheta- (Papa Was a Rolling Stone) "That was Dennis's voice on Cloud Nine!" Although the judges praised her up the wazoo, this didn't really work for me. Maybe Kara thinks that if the producers put someone in the last spot, it is automatically going to be unbelievable. Unlike her previous performances, this was a little too sound alike because Dennis had the raspy, rocker thing down.

Danny Gokey- (Get Ready) It is tough to do The Temps not only because they were unbelievable, but because they had Eddie on falsetto, Mel on the bass and Otis, Paul and David with the normal voices. Both Allison and Danny tried to emulate this entire group. It didn't work in either case. The only thing I loved about Danny's work was when he jumped in on the dance move with the back up singers.

Not just good, but Great

Anoop Desai- (Ooh Baby Baby) Smokey explained that this song came about at the end of a Miracles concert when he just started singing 'Ooh Baby Baby' out of nowhere and they then turned it into a song. This was the second straight week of impressive work by Kutner. I never knew he had this falsetto in his back pocket.

Kris Allen- (How Sweet It Is) This was very refreshing for me. It was a combo of the JT and Marvin versions with his own Jason Mrazy vibe to it. His vocals didn't knock me out of the park, but he has a unique sound and the performance was a great choice to do with his guitar.

Matt Giraud- (Let's Get It On) His vocals seem to get better and better every week. His range and riffs are fantastic. He started on the piano and stood up as the pace of the song picked up. Loved the transition, only wish he had stayed on the piano a little long as his take on the song via the keys was fantastic.

Why don't we just give him the trophy?

Adam Lambert- (Track of My Tears) If it gets a Standing O from Smokey, it gets a Standing O from me. (And some of you may know my ethics involved in standing ovations) This is what Adam did this week...he took all of the criticism from the judges, media and me that said he went a little crazy last week and thought about it. He then got rid of his black nail polish, cut his hair and threw some product in there, put on a suit, and then picked a classic song, put his own spin on it and knocked it out of the f'in park. Everyone else, good luck trying to beat him.

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