Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bill Gets His

Since I enjoyed Volume 2 much more than the first five chapters of Kill Bill, I will actually be speaking mostly of the things I enjoyed in the red Uma Thurman movie (they never really got to why she was all about yellow in the first film).

Kiddo's Origin
I always love origin stories, a la Batman Begins. In volume 2 we get to see the origin of Kiddo's fighting expertise, plus the satisfaction of a conclusion, while skipping some of the boring middle stuff that we endured in volume 1. I loved every second of the crazy old Chinese dude, Pai-Mei. Every time he said something mean and stroked his beard it was gold. Also I love that learning to use chopsticks was part of her training.

Shoot the Chick
All throughout the first movie and during the beginning of volume 2 I said to myself, 'who cares if she's sweet with a sword, when is someone just gonna shoot the broad?' It was extremely gratifying when my boy (copyright Tony Kornheiser) Michael Madsen blew Kiddo away with a shotgun as she opened his trailer door looking for a fight.

Six Feet Under
So the origins story was great to show that her major focus in the training was being able to punch something from three inches away (how often is this needed?), because we see five years later she is buried alive in a casket by Budd. Now sure she can punch her way out of the casket but isn't that the much easier task than climbing up six feet through the earth? How is this feat not the one she needed the background in?

B.B., Bill and Kiddo

Talk about grabbing at your heart after almost four hours of ruthless killing. Kiddo finally gets to Bill, the man responsible for her near death and what she thought was the loss of her child, and she is ready for a massive dual. When she opens the door with her gun, Bill is there with their child playing with toy guns, pretending to shoot 'Mommy.' The four year old girl has been waiting her entire life for her mom to wake up and come home to see her. It got me, did it get you?

I love that her name is actually Kiddo, Beatrix Kiddo. The whole time Bill was calling her Kiddo, I thought it was a nice little moniker. You know like pal, chief or buddy. Nice little twist there Quentin.

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