Thursday, March 5, 2009

Still LOST

Straight up, Lost is still the best show on television. Last night's ep forced me to post about it. This could have been my favorite hour of television this year. Not only did we get to see Herc (FNL) and Michelle Dessler (24) in the ep, but it centered around one of my favorite tv characters of all time, James 'Sawyer' 'LaFleur' Ford. It was real sweet watching Sawyer take control immediately following the action Locke took to stop the time traveling. But then as they skip forward three years, you get to see how he is basically running the Dharma Initiative, and he is killing it.

Now to the juicy part...Sawyer and Juliet. I've spent a lot of time watching Lost and the fight between Jack and Sawyer over Kate was always a hot topic. Not liking Jack and loving Sawyer, I've always wanted Sawyer to win Kate. Here's the thing, I've always dislike Kate as well, so why would I want Sawyer to be stuck with her. I definitely like Juliet (and not just because she's Santa's wife). So it only makes sense to love it that Sawyer and Juliet got together over the three year span. Too bad it seems like things will get ruined now that everyone is back on the island.

The main thing that I love about Lost is how they continue to answer questions and get you to ask more every episode. This is what Heroes fails to do on a regular basis. You can't keep stringing a viewer on and not give them any candy along the way.

My only quarrel with Lost is that during the first couple of seasons the writers were making the stuff up as they went along. I think it might be weird to go back and re-watch because I think some of the details wouldn't make sense. Once Lindelof and Cuse set an end date and figured out exactly where they were going with the whole thing, the show got better for me.

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