Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silver Fox and Chicks

Here we are with the final top ten list. The Silver Fox made a list of 25 which included many repeat actors and more than a few chicks. What is that? Does he actually think women could crack a top 100 list, let alone top 25? Lets get serious fox. Also I know you are a Dylan fan, but the late great Heath Ledger as Robbie in I'm Not There at number two? Ridiculous. Did you not see Dark Knight?

Silver Fox's Top Ten

10. Lewis Scott- Damon Wayans- Celtic Pride

9. JJ Jake Gittes- Jack Nicholson- Chinatown

8. Frank Slade- Al Pacino- Scent of a Woman

7. Thomas Fowler- Michael Caine- Quiet American

6. Idi Amin- Forest Whitaker- Last King of Scotland

5. Walter E. Kurtz- Marlon Brando- Apocalypse Now

4. Llewellyn Moss (left)- Josh Brolin- No Country For Old Men

3. Mookie- Spike Lee- Do the Right Thing

2. Robbie- Heath Ledger- I'm Not There

1. Matthew Poncelet- Sean Penn- Dead Man Walking


Tyson said...

I cant believe you arent going to post my list...consider this the my last visit to your blog

Danny said...

i told you to make changes, but i'll do it anyway, because you make great comments.

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