Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Classic JJ

I have six different dude's top ten movie character lists that I will post. The order that I'll post them in will be how closely they resemble my likes and dislikes...With that let's see the greatness of

JJ's Top Ten

10. Ryan Harrison- Leslie Nielsen- Wrongfully Accused

9. Vernon Baxter- Kevin Nealon- Principal Take a Holiday

8. Chester Lee- Rodney Dangerfield- Ladybugs

7. Alfred Borden (left)- Christian Bale- The Prestige

6. Derek Huff- Adam Scott- Step Brothers

5. Kevin McCallister- Macauley Culkin- Home Alone 2

4. Buddy the Elf- Will Ferrell- Elf

3. Bob Wiley- Bill Murray- What About Bob?

2. Randolph Dupree- Owen Wilson- You, Me and Dupree

1. Bartholemew Hunt- Chris Farley- Almost Heroes


Tyson said...

My list better get some love on this thing

Danny said...

it would if you added a couple more names because you can't have three Mummy's on there or the God Father. if you make changes i'll put it up there though.