Friday, February 13, 2009

Survivor Tocantins- Week 1

Of my top eight going into this year's draft I got three, Mags got three, Jaydon got two and Larry got zero. But he did get my least and third least favorite heading into season two of the Bro Out Fantasy Survivor League.

We felt the scoring was a bit off last year and have adjusted some of the points.
-With each round a player makes it through they will receive...
-Backstabbing still worth 20
-Man sh*t is still 10
-Votes against a player are still -4
-Individual challenge winners receive 10 for reward and 20 for immunity
-Team challenge winners get 4 for reward and 8 for immunity
-Labeled the leader is 10
-Make it to the merger and receive 8 bonus points

The first ep was last night and let's just say things started off where they ended last year, with Larry's squad getting booted in the first tribal. God is this kid terrible at fantasy. Real nice at solitaire though. I don't think anyone will be able to catch me with this nice eight point lead I've racked up here.

Squads and Week 1 Results

The Renegades 1st (28)

Joe: 1
Jerry: 9
Candace: 9
Erinn: 9
Total= 28

Freecell Makes Me Wanna Tie 2nd (20)

Brendan: 9
Spencer: 1
Sydney: 1
Debbie: 9
Total= 20

Slaughterhouse Tie 2nd (20)

Tyson: 9
Stephen: 1
Taj: 1
Sierra: 9
Total= 20

Rangers Stars Mavericks Cowboys 4th (-21)

JT: 1
Carolina: -28
Sandy: -3
Benjamin: 9


Tyson said...

Its actually amazing how terrible Larry is at Fantasy. I would also like to add that he is terrible at Solitaire. In the Tour de France of Demon Larry is losing to me by 20 games

Danny said...

ouch what a scrub

Kyle said...

I feel like Larry isn't good at anything anymore. Name one thing he has excelled at recently. Exactly, he gets demolished in every event in which he participates. It's sad really.