Friday, February 20, 2009

Survivor Tocantins- Week 2


Wow did my squad take a turn for the worst last night. I don't care if I lost a player, I am glad Candace got booted...she was the worst. Scratch that, Sandy is the worst but Candace was also terrible. Kate Hudson (Sierra) survived another week even though her tribe seemed to think she was doing terrible in the challenge. I disagree and thought she was doing as well as any other chick, except for Eddie George's beast of a fullback of a wife, Taj. She was plowing through dudes to score. Also I thought I was gonna hate Tyson but I'm definitely starting to like him. The action between him and Jerry at the end was great. They were just chillin' out talking about how crazy everyone was being and I enjoyed. In the results below there should be nothing strange except for the ten point bonus for JT because of the leadership role he has taken on. Anyone has a quarrel with that let me know.

Week 2 Results

Freecell Makes Me Wanna 1st (44)

Brendan: 2
Spencer: 10
Sydney: 10
Debbie: 2
Total= 24

Slaughterhouse 2nd (40)

Tyson: 2
Stephen: 10
Taj: 10
Sierra: -2
Total= 20

The Renegades 3rd (14)

Joe: 10
Jerry: 2
Candace: -28
Erinn: 2
Total= -14

Rangers Stars Mavericks Cowboys 4th (11)

JT: 20
Sandy: 10
Benjamin: 2


Jaydon said...

Now why is that Eddie George has decided to wife up this LOST monster ass shortie?

Danny said...

haha no idea