Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Lochness Quest

So late last year as I was gearing up for graduation, Lochness was deciding to end his collegiate basketball career early. A junior this year he made the choice to quit Brewers basketball so that he could have the time to enjoy other endeavors. Now you and I both know that this meant that he needed more time to finish off the IMDB Top 250. Eight of his top ten characters come from top 250 movies. His television watching has certainly not increased from what I can tell over the past half a year. Anytime I ask the Locksmith about Lost or Office he has no idea what I'm talking about. This is a dude who truly wishes he was on the up and up in the television world, but fails miserably.

Lochness's Top Ten

10. Dr. Strangelove- Peter Sellers- Dr. Strangelove

9. Sam Spade- Humphrey Bogart- Maltese Falcon

8. Bernard Campbell- Vince Vaughn- Old School

7. Teddy KGB- John Malkovich- Rounders

6. Sanjuro Kuwabatake- Toshiro Mifune- Yojimbo

5. Maximus- Russell Crowe- Gladiator

4. Terry Malloy- Marlon Brando- On the Waterfront

3. Johnny Clay- Sterling Hayden- The Killing

2. Jesus Quintana- John Turturro- The Big Lebowski

1. Verbal Kint (left)- Kevin Spacey- Usual Suspects

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