Thursday, February 26, 2009

He's The Boss

With a last second entry, The Boss has joined in on the list making enjoyment. In the interest of keeping my job I will now skip all of the smarmy comments and say that I thoroughly enjoyed this list.

The Boss's Top Ten

10. Mickey Goldmill- Burgess Meredith- Rocky

9. Simon Wilder- Joe Pesci- With Honors

8. Ben Braddock- Dustin Hoffman- The Graduate

7. The Joker- Heath Ledger- The Dark Knight

6. Doc Holliday- Val Kilmer- Tombstone

5. Jonathan Shale- Tom Berenger- The Substitute

4. Will Hunting- Matt Damon- Good Will Hunting

3. Irwin Fletcher- Chevy Chase- Fletch

2. Verbal Kint- Kevin Spacey- The Usual Suspects

1. Joe Clark (left)- Morgan Freeman- Lean on Me

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