Saturday, January 3, 2009

Peyton Is MVP

Peyton Manning won his third NFL MVP in a landslide. My favorite athlete since 1998 received 32 of the 50 total votes, with no other player receiving more than four. It is now Peyton and Favre as the only two guys with three MVPs. I predict Peyton ends with five by the time he's done.

Final Vote:
Peyton Manning- 32
Chad Pennington- 4
Michael Turner- 4
James Harrison- 3
Adrian Peterson- 3
Philip Rivers- 2
Kurt Warner- 1
Chris Johnson- 1

Here is the real question. Who in the world voted for Chris Johnson??? It seems to me that either T-time or Chris Johnson himself somehow is voting for the NFL MVP these days. That is ridiculous. Kurt Warner is the only other guy I don't agree with getting a vote, although it's much less crazy. Not a single vote for Drew Brees? Interesting. I love how Pennington and Rivers were the second and third QB vote getters in the MVP voting, but were both behind Cutler, Favre, Collins and Cassell in the Pro-Bowl voting. Man the Pro-Bowl voting is bad.


Tyson said...

Heres the real question: How many picks would peyton have thrown against the Utes D last night? Im gonna say 3-4

Danny said...

at least...National Champs.