Monday, January 12, 2009

Fantasy Football Hall of Fame- Staubach

I've always had a major problem with the ESPN Fantasy Hall of Fame. They think because some dude who has one surprising year where he's in the top ten at his position he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame? That doesn't make sense. Earnest Graham, Greg Jennings, Lance Moore...these guys aren't Hall of Famers. Graham and Moore were barely good during their one good season. Jenning has been a top ten receiver for three years so he deserves above average fantasy status.

I've decided to create my own Fantasy Football Hall of Fame of players that have excelled in the fantasy aspect of the National Football League (copyright Ron Jaworski). I've started with the 1970 season and onward.


Roger Staubach

In an era when quarterback didn't throw for much of anything, Staubach was the cream of the crop. From 1971-79 he never finished less than the 6th best QB in the league. He was first or second in his final three seasons, eclipsing 3200 yards and 25 touchdowns in his last two. Although some years' stats may look terrible (ex. '74 and '76) he was still the 6th and 5th best QB to choose from, so you weren't that bad off for having him.

*1971---3rd--------1,882 pyds. 15 ptd. 4 int. 343 ryds. 2 rtd.
*1973---2nd-------2,428 pyds. 23 ptd. 15 int. 250 ryds. 3 rtd.
*1974---6th--------2,552 pyds. 11 ptd. 15 int. 320 ryds. 3 rtd.
*1975---4th--------2,666 pyds. 17 ptd. 16 int. 316 ryds. 4 rtd.
*1976---5th--------2,715 pyds. 14 ptd. 11 int. 184 ryds. 3 rtd.
*1977---1st---------2,620 pyds. 18 ptd. 9 int. 171 ryds. 3 rtd.
#1978---1st---------3,190 pyds. 25 ptd. 16 int. 182 ryds. 1 rtd.
^1979---2nd--------3,586 pyds. 27 ptd. 11 int. 172 ryds.

*=14 game seasons
#=15 game season
^=16 game season
bold=led the league

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