Friday, January 9, 2009

NFL Overtime

I don't understand why this subject brings up so many arguments. The NFL overtime rules are definitely not the best, but at least they are still football. College overtime is just silly. How can we not do it like basketball? An overtime period to determine the winner. Looking at it in pure sport, this seems like the only real solution to the problem. I find it weird that I have not heard anyone but myself and Golic speak out about this as the correct answer to NFL overtime. You have a time game after regulation, you play another period to find the winner. If it is tied after that period, then you get a tie. Simple. Sure the overtimes will be going a bit longer than they do now, increasing the probability of injuries, but not by that much. I'm not saying another 15 minute bout ten minutes? If the offense is so good that they can drive down the field, score a touchdown and waste all of the ten minutes, then they deserve to win the game outright. But if the team that wins the coin flip can only get down to the 30 and kick a field goal, then the other team gets their deserved chance to win. This would be real football. Get it done.

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