Thursday, January 22, 2009

FF HoF- Faulk


Marshall Faulk

First things first, how sweet would it have been if Marshall Faulk had played with Peyton on the Colts for more than one year. Peyton's rookie season was Marshall's last year in Indy and the tailback eclipsed 2,000 scrimmage yards for the first time in his career. He led the league in yards that season and then went on to average 2200 yards and 20 touchdowns over the next three years with the Greatest Show on Turf. Injuries were his biggest downfall, missing two or more games five out of his ten prime seasons. He still managed to lead RBs in fantasy points in 2000 and 2001, playing 14 games. Marshall broke both Barry Sanders' scrimmage yards record by gaining 2429 in '99 and the rushing touchdowns record, with 26 in '00. Many of us saw this get broken by Priest Holmes then Shuan Alexander then LDT in the recent past.

Year---Rank at RB----------Stats
'94-----4th--------------1804 yards. 12 td.
'95-----6th--------------1553 yards. 14 td.
*'96----17th-------------1015 yards. 7 td.
'97-----7th--------------1525 yards. 8 td.
'98-----3rd--------------2227 yards. 10 td.
'99-----2nd--------------2429 yards. 12 td.
^'00----1st--------------2189 yards. 26 td.
^'01----1st--------------2147 yards. 21 td.
^'02----14th-------------1490 yards. 10 td.
#'03----16th-------------1108 yards. 11 td.

*=13 games due to injury
^=14 games due to injury
#=11 games due to being old and slow
bold=led the league

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