Friday, January 16, 2009

FF HoF- Payton


When it came down to choosing running backs for my Fantasy Football Hall of Fame, it looked trickier than QBs. The lifespan of a back in the NFL is typically much shorter than a signal caller so I had to look at things a little differently. In the end it came down to the same factors. Which guys dominated fantasy football on a consistent basis. You don't want a dude that was top five in the league every other year, cause he killed teams in the years that he wasn't a great back.

Walter Payton

This first running back honoree into the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame was as good as they come when he first entered the league. He was a top four RB from 76-80 and led the league three seasons in a row. He went on to break Jim Brown's career rushing record in 84. After two down years, including the strike year of 82, Sweetness came back with four more top five seasons before his career ended. From 83-85 he surpassed 2,000 scrimmage yards and 11 touchdowns each season.

Year----Rank at RB----------Stats
*76------2nd---------------1539 yards. 13 td.
*77------1st---------------2121 yards. 16 td.
78-------1st---------------1875 yards.11 td.
79-------1st---------------1923 yards. 17 td.
80-------4th---------------1827 yards. 7 td.
81-------13th--------------1601 yards. 8 td.
#82------13th--------------907 yards. 2 td.
83-------4th---------------2028 yards. 11 td.
84-------4th---------------2052 yards. 13 td.
85-------4th---------------2034 yards. 12 td.
86-------5th---------------1715 yards. 11 td.

*=14 game seasons
#=strike ended 9 game season
bold=led the league

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