Friday, January 23, 2009

FF HoF- Largent


When looking at the top wide receivers of all time things get tricky. As we know receivers are at a disadvantage because they are the most dependent position. If their quarterback and/or offensive line is terrible, the WR will have a tough time making any receptions. That being said there are a few that have stood the test of time and been consistent playmakers over long periods of time. Inconsistencies, unstable offenses and shortened careers will keep stars like Michael Irvin, Tim Brown and Sterling Sharpe off of my first ballot Hall of Fame wide receivers list.

Steve Largent

Stevie L played most of his career catching passes from the Z Man. That's how Jim Zorn is known in the minor league baseball circuits. Other than coaching the Redskins and playing with childrens' toys in Seattle, the Z Man was quarterback for the Seahawks throughout the 70s. Largent caught a majority of the passes that Zorn threw. After his rookie season he was a top eight fantasy receiver in 10 out of the next 11 seasons. The only year he wasn't was during the strike of '82. I'm assuming he just couldn't get into a groove in such a short season (although this doesn't matter because if you were in a fantasy league in '82, I'm pretty sure the strike ruined everything). Although he only led the league once, in '79, he, unlike many other receivers, never disappointed you by being turbull (copyright Frank Calliendo as Charles Barkley) every third year.

Year---Rank at WR----------Stats
'76-----19th-------------705 yards. 4 td.
'77-----5th--------------643 yards. 10 td.
'78-----2nd--------------1168 yards. 8 td.
'79-----1st--------------1237 yards. 9 td.
'80-----5th--------------1064 yards. 6 td.
'81-----3rd--------------1224 yards. 9 td.
*'82----13th-------------493 yards. 3 td.
'83-----6th--------------1074 yards. 11 td.
'84-----4th--------------1164 yards. 12 td.
'85-----5th--------------1287 yards. 6 td.
'86-----8th--------------1070 yards. 9 td.
'87-----6th--------------912 yards. 8 td.

*=8 games due to strike
bold=led the league

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