Saturday, January 24, 2009

FF HoF- Rice


Jerry Rice

This is kind of ridiculous. Jerry Rice was the best football player of all time. I can't imagine playing fantasy football when he was in his prime. You basically guaranteed yourself a spot in the playoffs with him on your squad. We all know that Jerry could pull of the corn rows when you are bald better than anyone, but he also caught a few touchdown passes in his day. Looking at the stats it seems he was also good for 10 rushing touchdowns from '85 to '96. In those same years, which I am calling his prime, he led WRs in fantasy points eight times. Crazy. Other than his rookie year, his other finishes were second, second and fourth. Jerry Rice is as good at playing wide receiver as Mozart was at composing music, or as Cicero was at giving speeches, or maybe even as good as my great aunt Germaine is at playing whist.

Year---Rank at WR----------Stats
'85-----22nd-------------927 yards. 4 td.
'86-----1st--------------1570 yards. 16 td.
'87-----1st--------------1078 yards. 23 td.
'88-----2nd--------------1306 yards. 10 td.
'89-----1st--------------1483 yards. 17 td.
'90-----1st--------------1502 yards. 13 td.
'91-----1st--------------1206 yards. 14 td.
'92-----2nd--------------1201 yards. 11 td.
'93-----1st--------------1503 yards. 16 td.
'94-----1st--------------1499 yards. 15 td.
'95-----1st--------------1848 yards. 17 td.
'96-----4th--------------1254 yards. 9 td.

bold=led the league

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