Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FF HoF- Marino


Dan Marino

Marino played for 17 years throughout the 80s and 90s. It wasn't until 1995 that his play started to diminish. If you picked up the Ace Ventura star after his rookie season, you would have had a top 5 quarterback for eight years out of the next eleven seasons. The Dolphin QB's only season out of the top 7 in that time period was when he tore his achilles in the fifth game of the season. His 5,084 yard 48 touchdown season in 84 still ranks as one of the best of all time. If your league isn't huge against interceptions, he's even better.

Year----Rank at QB----------Stats
'83-----13th------------2210 pyd. 20 ptd. 6 int. 2 rtd.
'84-----1st-------------5084 pyd. 48 ptd. 17 int.
'85-----2nd-------------4137 pyd. 30 ptd. 21 int.
'86-----1st-------------4746 pyd. 44 ptd. 23 int.
'87-----5th-------------3245 pyd. 26 ptd. 13 int. 1 rtd.
'88-----4th-------------4434 pyd. 28 ptd. 23 int.
'89-----7th-------------3997 pyd. 24 ptd. 22 int. 2 rtd.
'90-----7th-------------3563 pyd. 21 ptd. 11 int.
'91-----4th-------------3970 pyd. 25 ptd. 13 int. 1 rtd.
'92-----3rd-------------4116 pyd. 24 ptd. 16 int.
'94-----3rd-------------4453 pyd. 30 ptd. 17 int. 1 rtd.
'95-----11th------------3668 pyd. 24 ptd. 15 int.
'96-----11th------------2795 pyd. 17 ptd. 9 int.
'97-----14th------------3780 pyd. 16 ptd. 11 int.
'98-----10th------------3497 pyd. 23 ptd. 15 int. 1 rtd.

bold=led the league


Tyson said...

Is it still too early to do one of these for Alex Smith?

Danny said...

he's getting there...another couple years riding the bench.