Monday, January 19, 2009

FF HoF- Sanders


Barry Sanders

Although he would never make a touchdown celebration hall of fame, because he never did it, Barry Sanders is a sure fire inductee to my fantasy football hall of fame. Some argue he is the best running back of all time, I'd say he is definitely top three. Barry was on the LIONS for his entire ten year career and made the pro-bowl every single season. He led RBs in fantasy points three seasons and was in the top four six times. He only missed more than one game once in his career when he injured his knee during the Thanksgiving Day game. That 1993 season as well as his last year in '97, Sanders failed to put up the touchdowns to keep him an elite back. This was the type of durable back you could count on to play every week and get the yardage you needed each Sunday.

Year---Rank at RB----------Stats
'89-----4th--------------1752 yards. 14 td.
'90-----1st--------------1784 yards. 16 td.
'91-----1st--------------1855 yards. 17 td.
'92-----7th--------------1577 yards. 10 td.
*'93----16th-------------1320 yards. 3 td.
'94-----2nd--------------2166 yards. 8 td.
'95-----3rd--------------1898 yards. 12 td.
'96-----6th--------------1700 yards. 11 td.
'97-----1st--------------2358 yards. 14 td.
'98-----10th-------------1780 yards. 4 td.

*=missed five games with knee injury
bold=led the league

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