Saturday, September 27, 2008

TV Tops 9/27

Week of 9/21-9/27

Top Shows

1. Heroes
2. The Office
3. Entourage
4. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
5. Fringe
6. Survivor
7. Gossip Girl
8. Grey's Anatomy
9. 90210
10. Greek

Top Characters

1. Michael Scott- The Office
2. Gabriel Sylar- Heroes
3. Major Hunt- Grey's Anatomy
4. Randy Hickey- My Name Is Earl
5. Cappie- Greek
6. Peter Bishop- Fringe
7. Dwight Schrute- The Office
8. Megan Smith- Privileged
9. Sam Briggs- Worst Week
10. Cameron Phillips- Terminator

Top Quotes

Gossip Girl
Serena- "Dan's not a big sports guy."

Beav- "They just mooned us!"
Cappie- "Yeah everyone except for Rusty, he just showed his underpants."

Casey- "I need to borrow your phone so I can deal with this hot frannie mess."

Agent Dunham- "I pretty much knew this was what I wanted to do by the time I was nine."
Peter Bishop- "When I was nine years old, I think I wanted to be a brontosaurus."

The Office
Michael- "I want us all to live forever. How are we gonna do that?"
Jim- "Cryogenics, beer me five."

My Name Is Earl
Joy- "I only do tounge kisses if it's Brad Pitt or Eric Roberts."

Buddy- "Have you seen a movie without Burt Reynolds in it?"
Earl- "Not all the way through, no."

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