Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fantasy Survivor Rules and Teams

This idea basically developed from the kid Lenny Holt, who's family drafts players in Big Brother and the winner gets something. I decided to take things a step further and make Survivor into a full on fantasy league. Although I came up with the points for each round, Larry, Mags and Jaydon came up with the other rules of the league since they are more familiar with the show than me. Larry wrote up the rules of the game below...

The Inaugural Bro Out Survivor Fantasy League

Rosters: 4 survivors per team. That leaves 2 out. Since its a waste to not use these two, it will go as follows.

- Whoever has the survivor eliminated in week one will get the chance to pick up one of the unused players. However, the other three teams have the opportunity to pick up one of the unused first according to waiver priority. Same goes for week two and then there will be no extra players.

Surviving an elimination each week gets you points (obv each week you last is more points): 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,13,16,19,23,27,31,36,41,46,52,58
Team Challenges: Reward = 5pts, Immunity = 10pts
Individual Challenges: Reward = 8pts, Immunity = 16 points
Backstabbing: 20 pts. One of the most fundamental parts of a reality competition is forming alliances, making deals etc. In this regard, it is also just as important to go back on your word and stab a (paraphrasing) "dude in the back". That requires strategy and good gameplay, and that should be rewarded.
Man Shit: 10 points. Survivor is all about man shit. Killing pigs, spear fishing, all that shit should be worth something. If there is something that is not clearly recognizable man shit, we could talk about it, majority rules.
Votes at Tribal Council: -4pts/vote. If your dude gets a vote cast against him, he is sucking at the game, and your team sucks because he/she sucks. Negative points for each one your sucky player gets.
Leader: 10pts. According to mangus, there is sometimes an unofficial leader of the tribe. If it is made known that one of your dudes wears the crown, kudos to you and also 10 pts.
Bonus: 8pts. Make it to the merger (where there is one tribe and all challenges turn individual)


The Renegades
(Owned by Danny)
1. GC
2. Bob
3. Kelly
4. Crystal

Renaissance O & F Surgery
(Owned by Jaydon)
1. Ace
2. Corrine
3. Jacquie
4. Michelle

Ranger's Star Cowboy Mavericks (Owned by Larry)
1. Dan
2. Ken
3. Randy
4. Paloma

Freecell Makes Me Wanna
(Owned by Mags)
1. Marcus
2. Matty
3. Charlie
4. Jessica

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