Sunday, September 14, 2008

Phelps on SNL

Michael Phelps hosted Saturday Night Live last night and perpetuated the stereotype that Peyton Manning was the funniest athlete on SNL by far. Oh wait, that wasn't a stereotype...Peyton was seriously the only athlete I've seen that made skits funny because he was performing. There have been other skits which athletes were in that were funny but it was mostly because of the writing or other actors.

Last night Michael Phelps was just awful. You might think Wayne Gretzky was terrible back in the 90s but it didn't compare to how hard it was to watch Phelps messing up lines and saying things that were meant to be funny but weren't. Having him on the show did have one positive. It allowed the digital short guys to put together a hilarious Space Olympics skit.

Peyton Manning should definitely become an actor when he stops playing football. And I mean like a real comedic actor, not just being in movies because he's a star.

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