Monday, September 1, 2008

Fox Fall Preview

Fox relies heavily on its January incorporation of American Idol and 24. Fox has this strange preference for playing their news at 10:00 and therefore they have many less openings for prime time shows. If there was one show currently on television that I wish I was caught up on it would be Fox's Prison Break. Thankfully Fox has the animated comedies covered with Family Guy, The Simpsons and the new Family Guy spin-off coming mid-season, because they are hurting on the regular comedies. Last year I enjoyed Back to You with Kelsey Grammar and Fred Willard but sadly it was cancelled. This year they bring back Til Death and add Do Not Disturb with Jerry O'Connell.

Interest Level (6=really want to start this show...1=will never watch this show)

8:00 Terminator: Sarah Connor- Season 2: Currently watching
(Starts Sept. 8)
9:00 Prison Break- Season 4: Interest Level= 6
(Starts tonight, Sept. 1)

8:00 House, MD- Season 5: Currently watching (Starts Sept. 16)
9:00 Fringe- New: Starting to watch (Starts Sept. 9)

8:00 Bones- Season 4: Interest Level= 3 (Starts Sept. 3)
9:00 'Til Death- Season 3: Started watching and stopped
(Starts Sept. 10)
9:30 Do Not Disturb- New: Starting to watch (Starts Sept. 10)

8:00 Hole In the Wall- New: Interest Level= 3 (Starts Sept. 11)
9:00 Kitchen Nightmares- Season 2: Interest Level= 2 (Starts Sept. 4)

8:00 Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?- Season 3:
Interest Level= 1 (Starts Sept. 5)
9:00 Don't Forget the Lyrics- Season 3: Have watched sporadically (Starts Sept. 12)

8:00 The Simpsons- Season 20: Watched repeats (Starts Sept. 28)
8:30 King of the HIll- Season 13: Interest Level= 2 (Starts Sept. 28)
9:00 Family Guy- Season 7: Currently watching (Starts Sept. 28)
9:30 American Dad- Season 4: Interest Level= 3 (Starts Sept. 28)

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