Sunday, September 21, 2008

Preseason TV Power Rankings

Since tomorrow marks the real opening of the 2008 fall tv season, I will do my first power rankings of the year. This season I'm going to do it a little differently. I will only do power rankings every three or four weeks, but be doing top shows and characters each week in order to highlight the shows that are currently being aired. With that being said, here are my power rankings of returning shows and top new shows.

Preseason Power Rankings

1. Lost- We won't get to see where the island moved to until January.

2. Heroes- Tomorrow is the big premier event, hopefully Claire is already a villain within the first two hours.

3. 30 Rock- Let's hope Dennis Duffy or the Floydster come back for Lemon.

4. The Office- Dunder Mifflin this is Dan.

5. 24- Well it's been a long time since 24 has been on the air, and it seems the longer I wait the more I forget about how the last two seasons weren't that great.

6. Friday Night Lights- Rumor has it that Jake Porter is no longer a castmate (Thank You!)

7. Curb Your Enthusiasm- When is LD coming back with his new gf, Vivica A. Fox?

8. Chuck- Captain Awesome is, shall I say, really awesome.

9. Entourage- First two eps have me wanting more, strange for recent Entourage.

10. Big Brother- This summer's edition was fantastic. Dan sweeping the final vote was like when the Colts won the Super Bowl.

11. One Tree Hill
12. Family Guy
13. House, MD
14. Grey's Anatomy
15. Gossip Girl
16. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
17. My Name Is Earl
18. American Idol
19. Brothers and Sisters
20. Greek

Top Ten New Shows
  1. Fringe- JJ Abrams's latest goldmine.
  2. 90210- Worth it for the nostalgia.
  3. Worst Week- T-Mobile commercial guy should bring it strong.
  4. Crusoe- Pirates of the Caribbean meets MacGuyver.
  5. My Own Worst Enemy- Christian Slater is very sassy.
  6. Privileged- Palm Beach is so beautiful.
  7. Knight Rider- We all wish Mr. Feeney was doing the voice of the car again.
  8. Gary Unmarried- "Running low on beers."
  9. The Mentalist- Simon Baker seems kind of sweet from the commercials.
  10. Do Not Disturb- Not so great so far, but Jerry O'Connell makes me think of Jerry McGuire.

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