Thursday, September 18, 2008

90210 Throwbacks

Now this is what I was really looking for when I started watching the new 90210. This week's episode had some great shout outs to the original. My personal favorite was when Dixon was applying for a job at the Peach Pit and Nat, in all his glory, told his war story about a time when he hired a kid from West Beverly back in the day and that kid was "a really good egg." That really got to me. I also got a great chuckle out of the convo between Kelly and Brenda in the cafeteria about how Brenda can still hear the people chanting "Donna Martin graduates." The other, most important shout out was when Brenda and Kelly got into a heated conversation about the father of Kelly's son. And although we all knew it was going to be Dylan, when his name was actually said on air, I could actually feel the millions of goosebumps on many viewers all over the world. The rumor now is that they will be actively pressuring Luke Perry to guest star on the series. That would be amazing. There were also references to Donna having a kid and a great call to the back of the Peach Pit for Willie.

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