Saturday, September 13, 2008

NBC Mondays

Chuck comes into its second season as my favorite new show of 2007. The Josh Schwartz action comedy made it all the way to number seven in my power rankings by the end of last year. What makes this show great is that there are completely serious issues of murder and national security and Schwartz turns it comedic. As opposed to other shows that try to make every situation totally dramatic when we could care less about what is actually going on. The LA atmosphere and indie music are staples of Schwartz that come from The O.C. but it really is Zachary Levi as Chuck that brings the show to the forefront. Don't get me wrong, my favorite character is Captain Awesome and I love Chuck's sister Ellie, but Levi is fantastic. A ton of guest stars are set to appear in season two, including Michael Clarke Duncan, John Larroquette, Melinda Clarke and Nicole Richie.

I can't disagree with Jaydon more about his feelings on Heroes. It was a solid number two in my power rankings all year long, although season two was not nearly as good as the premier season. The Mexicans story was a bore and I could've done without the mimic girl, but it was still way better than the first two seasons of two of Jaydon's favorites, Sopranos and Wire. Villains sounds very exciting for the name of the third season and I enjoy seeing an evil Claire in the promos for this season.

My Own Worst Enemy is a new show about Christian Slater, who has two personalities. A regular guy, and some sort of spy. It has potential to be good, mostly because it's on NBC and also because Will Scarlett is the man.

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Jaydon said...

wow. i think i might have told you already but i'm giving heroes four eps to be good before abandoning it. the last time i ditched a show was prison break and heroes is only slightly better than that to me.

nothing of consequence ever happens in heroes and no one ever really dies (that matters, eg. nathan).

villains however are awesome so maybe it will be good. my guess is that i will like it for a few eps before they never get anywhere and end up with a shit finale like always. fuck heroes.