Thursday, September 11, 2008

NBC Fall Preview

NBC is definitely my favorite network. And of the big four, it always seems to get the worst ratings. There must be something about good shows that the average tv watcher doesn't like. Every year the Peacock puts out good new shows and then they get canceled because no one was watching them (case in point Studio 60 and Journeyman). This fall they're bringing in new shows, My Own Worst Enemy, Knight Rider, Kath and Kim, and Crusoe. Last year's best night of television was Monday's Chuck, Heroes, Journeyman so lets see if Christian Slater can step up to the plate and keep it that with with Own Enemy.

Interest Level (6=really want to start this show...1=will never watch this show)

8:00 Chuck- Season 2: Currently watching (Starts Sept. 29)
9:00 Heroes- Season 3: Currently watching (Starts Sept. 22)
10:00 My Own Worst Enemy- (New): Starting to watch (Starts Oct. 13)

8:00 Biggest Loser- Season 6: Interest level= 2 (Starts Sept. 16)
10:00 Law and Order SVU- Season 10: Interest level= 2
(Starts Sept. 23)

8:00 Knight Rider- (New): Starting to watch (Starts Sept. 24)
9:00 Deal of No Deal- Season 4: Have watched (Started)
10:00 Lipstick Jungle- Season 2: Interest level= 4 (Starts Sept. 24)

8:00 My Name Is Earl- Season 4: Currently watching (Starts Sept. 25)
8:30 Kath and Kim- (New): Starting to watch (Starts Oct. 9)
9:00 The Office- Season 5: Currently watching (Starts Sept. 25)
9:30 30 Rock- Season 3: Currently watching (Starts Oct. 30)
10:00 ER- Season 15: Interest level= 3 (Starts Sept. 25)

8:00 Crusoe- (New): Starting to watch (Starts Oct. 17)
9:00 America's Toughest Jobs- (New): Started and stopped
(Already started)
10:00 Life- Season 2: Interest level= 2 (Starts Oct. 3)

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