Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Fox Shows

Fringe is the fourth show created by JJ Abrams (Felicity, Alias, Lost). Like all of Abrams' shows, Fringe will have an overarching mythology. The plot centers around a research scientist, his son and a female FBI agent. Abrams said his inspiration came from a range of sources including X-Files and the Twilight Zone. Notable cast involved are Joshua Jackson and the bald black dude from The Wire and Lost (Lance Reddick).

Do Not Disturb
is a new sitcom dealing with a hotel in New York City that used to be popular...sounds strangely like 'Welcome to the Captain.' Jerry O'Connell will take his second stab in two years at starring in a sitcom. His Carpoolers of ABC tanked last season, but it did not have the bonus feature of co-starring #2, aka Robert Wagner.

Hole In the Wall is an adaptation on the Japanese game Brain Wall. Basically the contestants have to arrange themselves in different ways in order to fit themselves into a hole in the wall. It sounds interesting for two episodes and then will be done.

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