Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Wonders

On today's BS Report with Bill Simmons, Bill had my man Matthew Berry (left) on with him. I have really begun to love Matthew Berry after listening to his Fantasy Focus Podcast. That being said, I had a major problem with what happened on today's BS Report Podcast. An e-mailer, trying to get into Matt and Bill's Fantasy Bball league (note I also entered, but failed) mentioned that his favorite fictional basketball player was D'Shawn Hardell (below). This obviously got the two guys on a tangent, for they love 90210. Berry made a comment that it was hilarious that D'Shawn was supposed to this great basketball player but was like the same height as Brandon Walsh. This threw me through a huge loop! Is Matthew Berry actually a fan of 90210?!? Because what I remember about D'Shawn was that he was a beast! He towered over Brandon and everyone else on the show. After finishing the podcast I went over to IMDB to make sure my memories served me right. Sure enough, Cress Williams, who played D'Shawn, is 6'5" compared to Jason Priestley's 5'8" stature. Was Matt Berry really watching these episodes? Or was he researching fantasy football and just listening to 90210...although that doesn't make much sense either because his fantasy advice is never that good (Sit LJ against the Broncos). On a related note, there are many cases on television and the movies when casting doesn't do a good enough job a getting an actor that looks the part of an athlete. Case and point, another 90210, Cal U sport star, Joe Bradley. This guy was supposed to be the starting quarterback at a big time Division 1 school. Aside from being 5'10" at best (IMDB has no height listed), he was as scrawny as they come. When Steve Young, Joe's idol, appeared on an episode, he made Joe look like a little girl. And Young, at 6'2" is below the NFL average height for a quarterback. Matthew Berry what were you thinking???

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