Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Best 2 Hours on Television

Monday night on NBC is truly incredible. There is no better one-two punch on tv than Chuck and Heroes.

Sure I watch 24 for action, I watch One Tree Hill for romance and I watch 30 Rock for comedy. Chuck is the only show on television that legitimately pulls these three aspects together for an unbelievable hour of non-stop action. If you are not currently watching Chuck, I strongly suggest you start. "And what bands are you in to?"- Chuck

Heroes last night gave us such a wealth of information and made us ask so many more questions. It truly is back from last year's questionable mini-season. Sylar has been unbelievable so far. He names his kid after Noah, awesome. The ambiguity that I am left with about who is good and who is bad during the 'four years in the future' segment is awesome. Isn't Peter always good? It doesn't seem that way. There will be another Ali Larter character after Tracy bites the dust? All in all, Nathan is still my man and I think will always be my favorite character.


Jaydon said...

that's strange. heroes was really boring to me.

Jaydon said...

chuck on the other hand was gold.