Friday, October 10, 2008

Fantasy Survivor Week 4

So in week four they switched up the tribes and Red (Fang) is still worse. The worst part is that I now have three of my players on Fang and only one on Kota. Mags is now split 2 and 2, Jaydon had 2 and 2 until one of his reds, Jacquie, was eliminated last night, and Lar has two yellow and one red. I fell behind Mags and Larry moved past Jaydon beause of his elimination. My Kelly got votes against her and is in trouble next week if red loses immunity again.

1st (166)
Freecell Makes Me Wanna
Marcus: 14
Matty: 4
Charlie: 14
Sugar: 4
Total = 36

2nd (148)

The Renegades

GC: 4
Bob: 14
Kelly: -4
Crystal: 4
Total = 18

3rd (101)
Rangers Stars Cowboys Mavericks
Dan: 14
Ken: 4
Randy: 14

Total = 32

4th (97)

Renaissance O & F Surgery

Ace: 4
Corrine: 14
Jacquie: -20
Susie: 14
Total = 12

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Jaydon said...

needless to say that vote pissed me the f off.