Friday, October 3, 2008

Fantasy Survivor Week 3

So in week three the terrible Red Squad (Fang) actually won both the Reward and Immunity Challenges and gained a lot of points for Larry's team. Poor Lar couldn't make up any ground though because his one member of the Yellow Tribe (Kota) was eliminated and subtracted 28 points from him. I caught up to Mags because he only has one Red Tribe member. Also Jay's fake accented Ace received minuses for getting votes cast against him at the tribal meeting. Here are the standings so far with this weeks points.

Tied- 1st (130)
Freecell Makes Me Wanna
Marcus: 3
Matty: 18
Charlie: 3
Sugar: 3
Total = 27

Tied- 1st (130)

The Renegades

GC: 18
Bob: 3
Kelly: 3
Crystal: 18
Total = 42

3rd (85)
Renaissance O & F Surgery

Ace: -5
Corrine: 3
Jacquie: 3
Susie: 18
Total = 19

4th (69)
Rangers Stars Cowboys Mavericks
Dan: 18
Ken: 18
Randy: 18
Paloma: -28
Total = 26

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