Monday, October 27, 2008

Drinking Kool-Aid

By far the most overused phrase in sports this fall, mostly in football, is drinking the kool aid. Everyone is either drinking or not drinking the Titans kool aid because they're 6-0 but weren't predicted to make the playoffs by many analysts. A lot of people were drinking the Kyle Orton kool aid when he had three weeks in a row of 300 yards. Not many were drinking the Gus Bus kool aid when he came in at quarterback for the Vikings.

I don't know where this phrase originated from, but I enjoyed it when I first heard it. But now that I hear it everyday on Fantasy Focus Podcast, Football Today Podcast, Around the Horn and PTI, I wish that these guys would come up with many more clever and witty phrases like this, instead of overusing and ruining such a good line.

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