Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Writers' Strike

So let me start out by saying how scared I am about next spring. No tv for a long time could be a terrible time. The Writers' Guild of America went on strike on November 1st. They are mostly looking to get some or more of a share of dvd sales revenue and revenue gained by releasing episodes on the internet. This is fair and I think the execs should shell it out. What we will be most likely faced with this spring is a lot of game shows, reality shows, and talk shows during prime time slots. This could be an awful year.

I propose two ideas to settle this whole thing. This first one was brought up by T-time yesterday after he finished watching an episode of 'Two and Half Men.' We take all of the ridiculous amounts of money that Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer make for that awful show that somehow gets good ratings and we split it up to the writers. That should make the writers happy, and any normal television watcher happy knowing that those two fools aren't getting paid to make a horrible show. The second idea is one that I came up with. Just because the writers are on strike doesn't mean that networks need to stop making episodes. Have the actors write the scripts for the rest of the seasons. Brilliant. Here are a few things I can see happening. Adrian Pasdar finishes the scripts for 'Heroes.' In a few weeks we see Nathan Petrelli all of the sudden getting many powers much more powerful than anything Peter or Sylar have and he kills off Sylar, Adam Monroe, and the Nightmare Man in one episode. Also, Eric Dane takes over the writing for 'Grey's Anatomy.' On the season finale, Mark Sloan saves 17 lives hooks up with Izzie and then Meredith falls in love with him and they get married. In all seriousness though, I think it would be quite entertaining to watch these shows knowing that the actors were doing the writing.

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Andy McKenzie said...

haha, great idea about the actors doing the writing it would add a touch of irony that would spice up any show. i like it.